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Aarnuaq – Pinnersaat … About Medicine and Jewelry


You can wear an animal`s claw, its teeth, a stone for its beauty, because it reminds you of something important – beauty and touching memories have spiritual effect, too. But then you wear jewelry ( in Greenlandic Pinnersaat ).

Medicine ( Greenlandic Aarnuaq ) goes beyond it!

When you connect with Medicine, acquaint with her and see her genuine meaning then she takes you on your path. Then Medicine will get a tool for catching your destiny, then she will help you to come up to your responsibility.

Spiritual Medicine will help you to understand the language of nature, also your own importance for Mother Earth.

You have to wear her with respect for her Spirit, otherwise, she is able to turn wrong her true sense. If you wear a tiger claw for example because of its exotic, because of the tiger`s power, or because it is so valuable, then the tiger`s spirit will show his claws!

You have to be worthy of the Medicine!

With Medicine, it`s about fire, used in the right manner she warms and brings light – but she can burn you, too!

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