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Daydreaming, lucid dreaming is an important tool in Shamanic traditions to get into other energy levels, as well as the shamanic journey to the upper, middle and lower world to spirits and teachers. In addition to sounds and rhythms, plant spirits are also used in all cultures. Dream herbs often play an important role. They help to intensify fasting rituals and ceremonies, and to go through the doors to the not-everyday reality.
Silene undulata - the Xhosa use the African dream root as a healing plant and to          connect with the ancestors.
Calea ternifolia - the Chontal Indians in Mexico use the plant to get messages from the gods.
Enteda rheedii - the seeds are used by indigenous peoples in Africa as a remedy and shamanic practices.
Tagetes luzida - the Huichol Indians use the plant for dream visions, as their Mayan people.
Acacia xanthophloea - Mukanga Kude is used in Africa for the treatment of clumps.
Helinus integrifolius - the Xhosa use Ubhubhu to connect with the ancestors.
Synaptolepsis kirkii - is used in Africa by shamans and healers to get dreams and visions.
Hemidesmus indicus - is used in India for lucid dreams and in the tradition of Ayurveda for sleep promotion and as a spice and tea.
Nymphaea caerulea - already the ancient Egyptians used the blue lotus to strengthen spiritual experiences.
I have been dealing with medicinal plants for many years.
On the spiritual path with my teacher Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, I also learned to use dreaming as a shamanic tool. Since I have a hard time remembering my dreams, I am experimenting with these shamanic medicines and they help me.
I would like to share my experiences with others, and
some of the herbs I sell on my markets or on request.

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