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Kambô is a medicine from the Amazon rainforest. It is the name of a frog living in the trees and produces a secretion with powerful curative effect. The frog has no natural enemies and can be picked from the tree by the shamans.
He produces his medicine only through his food in his natural habitat. A steady tapping on his head or massaging the whole body with a wooden rod stimulates the animal to slowly secrete a white, mucous secretion. With the wooden stick, this substance is scraped off and applied to a larger wooden spatula. It dries there and can be stored for a long time. Traditionally it`s not allowed to hurt the animal in any case, otherwise the Spirit of the frog gets angry !
For the Kambô vaccination small holes are burned into the skin with a piece of wood. The secretion is then applied. The medicine works through the lymph system and leads to intense reactions, including vomiting. The result is an enormous boost of the immune system and a blood purification; no bacterium, virus or parasite survives this treatment. In the Amazon, this frog vaccination is used to prevent or cure malaria and other diseases, even in small children, and traditionally before hunting as it sharpens the sense of sight and hearing and increases attention.
Frog medicine activates unconscious parts of the body and consciousness. It helps us to recognize our own truth and blockades. Our ability to say Yes to our live will be strengthened and to overcome fears is uncovered.
In order to achieve good results, three treatments have traditionally been carried out in a lunar cycle of 28 days. The application can be repeated several times within certain time periods.
In addition to the effect as physical medicine and the increase in performance is the main reason however for the Indians Kambô the so-called Panema. Panema means sadness, misery, anger. A person is with Panema, if nothing is right and nothing is going well.
Kambô is a fire medicine. When combined with the water that is drunk before treatment in large quantities, an alchemical transformation takes place and old toxins are released by vomiting or urgent bowel movements. This cleansing process takes place not only on a physical level but also on a spiritual level. The frog joins us with our natural wisdom, reflects our negative habits, and shows us what we can do to improve our situation.
With Kambô, spiritual wisdom takes over our healing process. We know without thinking what we have to do in a particular situation or not. We are then able to drop unhealthy habits. The frog gives us the energy for our predestined way. That does not mean we can rely on the help of the frog like on an externally administered pill ... we have to be prepared to leave our search in the outside world and take responsibility for our issues ... only then the Spirit of Kambô will help.

I am working with this medicine as a helper by Kambôvision for three years and since 2017  I conduct on request Kambo sessions by myself. If the weather permits I go into nature for this ceremony... for me the best way to work with the Frog,

Haux Haux     (In the language of the Huni Kuin beginning, end, harmony - greeting, farewell, thanks)

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