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Rapé is a sacred medicine used for thousands of years by healers and shamans on the Amazon. It is an important part of its tribal cultures. Rapé is a complex mixture of powdered Amazonas plants, ashes and wild tobacco, twenty times stronger than the known tobacco. Rapé can be an extension of consciousness.
The use of Rapé for healing and ceremonies by indigenous cultures dates back to the time of the Mayan period. Some components of the mixtures will remain forever the secret of the shamans who make them.
At a Rapéceremony normally at least two persons are involved, the wind blower and the person, who Rapé through the Tepi gets pushed into the nose. The effect focuses momentarily on consciousness and intention. In addition, Rapé helps with physical, emotional and spiritual disturbances and eliminates negative energies, called 'Panema' by the healers. The shamans use Rapé to connect themselves to their energy centers and their higher selves and to strengthen their connection with the world and the universe.
Rapé - a ceremony between the donor and the recipient:
Blowing the Tepi requires an intimate connection between the Rapé blower and the receiver. Both are closely linked through the mouth, nose and breath, and both must open up for the mind and the intention of the other to make the healing process work. In the Shamanic tradition, this breathing ceremony is of great importance - breathing is the main tool for healing.
Another possibility is to administer Rapé with the Kuxpa by themself.
Every plant, especially the medicinal plants, is considered a sacrament by the shamans. Rapé is a sacred medicine and must be used with respect and good intention. This is the basis for every healing ceremony and healing.
I came into contact with Rapé, Medicina Sagrada, through my Kambo treatments for the first time. Since then, I have been exploring the spirit of this medicine and collecting experiences to work with others.
In private surroundings, I will lead on demand Rapéceremonies, if possible in nature on protected places.

Since my youth I deal with plants and spirituality. So grew the idea to make my own Rapés, from local plants, self-collected and grown in our own garden, self-dried, fermented and ground into powder ... Rapés based on our own cultural roots, inspired by shamanic practices from South America.
                                                     Haux Haux
                         (hausch hausch, in the language of the Huni Kuin
                          beginning, end, harmony - for greeting,
                          farewell, thanks ... )

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