Tuukkaq is the inuit word for harpoon tip. The harpoon, the Unaaq, was the most important hunting tool for the people at the Arctic - without them a hunt for the big sea-mammals, whales and seals could not have been possible.
For the Inuit the Tuukkaq had great spiritual importance!
If you meet an animal with the harpoon, you will be with him forever, the Tuukkaq is no longer pull out - the animal dies, it becomes yours. You have joined your spirits. The animal has given to you ...
If someone gives you a Tuukkaq, it concerns him lifelong friendship, you have to think carefully about accepting this medicine. It is the symbol of tremendous responsibility, not only for you, but also for the one who has accepted it. You will be bound to the end of every day ... (from the teachings of Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq)
The Tuukkaq also connects you with the circuits of nature - with becoming and passing, with life and death - with the cycles of the Great Goddess, with Her ...
The invention of the harpoon, together with the Kajaq, made the successful hunting of sea-molluscs possible and thus also the permanent settlement of the Arctic by humans.


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